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Fireproof aluminum composite panels are made with a fire-resistant plastic core, and two layers of aluminum sheets; Because of the addition of fire-resistant elements, its fire-resistant feature can reach Class B1 grade with the test of ASTM E84-08, and EN13501-1, the new European standard norm. resulting in fire-resistant properties. It is green material, as there is no harmful gas emission during burning.  

 1. Aluminum composite panel fire rating: A Class A aluminum composite panel is non-combustible building materials, so this fireproof wall panel is superior. The safety performance of this is also relatively high. If you want to make the home environment more secure and secure, then you must purchase a with a Class A fire resistant grade aluminum composite panel.  
2. Aluminum-plastic panel fire rating: B1 The price of aluminum-plastic composite panels on the market is different. It is not only the materials used to make aluminum-plastic composite panels, but also the functions of aluminum-plastic composite panels. The higher the fire-rated grade, the more expensive the price of fireproof wall panels. The common fireproof wall panel grade is B1 grade, and this grade of aluminum composite panel is a fire retardant grade material.  
3. Aluminum-plastic panel fire rating: B2/B3 If the grade of the aluminum-plastic composite panel is other B2 or B3 grade, then the aluminum-plastic composite panel will not have any fireproof performance, the B2 grade material is designated as the combustible construction raw material by the state, and the B3 grade material is designated by the state as Flammable building materials, so if you want to choose aluminum-plastic panels with fire resistance, you must pay attention to the fire rating. 
Description of fireproof panels: (1)Fireproof panels also can be called fire rated aluminum composite panel or fire resistant aluminum composite panel. It adopts flame-retardant core material, and the combustion performance of the fireproof panels reaches the refractory grade (class B1) or non-combustible 
(1) The production process of fireproof panels core material 
The fireproof aluminum-plastic composite core material is made of polyethylene as the main raw material, adding halogen-free environmentally-friendly flame retardant, and adopting continuous activation equipment to refine the surface of the composite, and then adding flame retardant synergist and other additives. After fully mixing and plasticizing, the particles are extruded. 
(2)The characteristics of fireproof core material The halogen-free fireproof aluminum-plastic plate core material is grayish white or white granules, which has the advantages of environmental protection, light weight and easy processing. It conforms to the development trend of international flame retardant materials and can meet the requirements of the building decoration industry. The fire rating reaches A grade or B. Level, fully meet the requirements of the aluminum composite panel production industry

Fireproof aluminum composite panel / Fire Rated ACP

No. China Germany U.S.A. France U.K.
GB/T8627 DIN 4102 ASTM E84 NFF16-101 BS-476
1 A1, A2 A1, A2 NC MO O
2 B1 B1 A M1, M2 1
3 B2 B2 B,C M3 2, 3