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High-gloss aluminum composite panel. (ACP)

Wooden aluminum composite panel is one of the most popular acp panels in the world, which vividly imitates the wood texture, simple but nature. It is the perfect combination of wood natural beauty and excellent properties of aluminum wall cladding.

The characteristics of the two are clearly distinct. Several commonly used gloss intervals are: matte, bright, high-light. For example, 20%-30% gloss is matte, 60%-70% is bright, and  80%-90% gloss is high light . At the same time, other performance indicators must also meet the technical specifications of aluminum composite panels.

Can be used in:·       
Brand Shop ·       
Showroom ·       
Exhibition design ·       
Ceiling and indoor Wall Cover ·       
Display Board ·       
Cabinet ·       
Partition ·       
Signage boards Artistic Model