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Mirror finish aluminum composite panel. (ACP)

Mirror finish aluminum composite panel  is made by special treatment. It makes the aluminum surface bright as mirror.

Almasria mirror aluminum composite panels are known for their excellent fire performance, sound insulation, strength and durability, surface smoothness and smoothness. In addition to these features, the most important feature covered by the mirror panel is weather resistance, because the result shows that the mirror panel can withstand the worst weather in decades. In the past few years, the demand for mirror aluminum plate is very large; This is because the mirror coating plate has a variety of options and consistent characteristics. Mirror-coated panels are most commonly used for siding and ceiling, kitchen and balcony, storefront decoration, interior and exterior wall cladding. One of the greatest advantages of mirror ACP panels panels is that they are environmentally friendly and provide us with the advantage of enjoying the mirror style and the excellent functions that make us trust the product.   the most commonly used ones are gold mirrors and silver mirrors.

The production process of mirror finish of aluminum composite panel
  Mirror aluminum sheet made by the rolling, grinding and other methods to deal with the surface of the plate to show the mirror effect.   Generally used rolling method to manufacture the coil material and sheet metal in the aluminum mirror sheets .    Mirror appearance performance and ductility are the spectacular highlights and characteristics of the application. Only with high-quality mirror performance, the mirror aluminum composite panel can meet the using standard of ordinary decoration. Under normal circumstances, the first step of the aluminum plate surface treatment is spray, according to the different requirements of the aluminum mirror sheet, the designer will use different spray drying process. Only those which spray the surface of the aluminum plate uniformly can be used as a mirror finished aluminum sheet products. To meet the different nature use environment, the surface of the aluminum mirror sheet also need special anti-oxidation polishing. The aluminum mirror sheet with superior performance in the market have been through repeated, scientific and rigorous surface treatment. Only with superior aluminum mirror sheet, we could produce the high-quality mirror finish acp panels.