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Nano aluminum composite panel (ACP)

Through the perfect combination of modern nanotechnology and traditional aluminum-plastic panel production industry, Alucoworld has developed a new type of aluminum composite panels, which is nano aluminum composite panel.  

Nano-aluminum composite panels are self-cleaning products designed for the requirements of modern architectural decoration. Compared with other metal curtain wall materials and interior wall decoration materials, it has the appearance quality, mechanical properties and weather resistance which are not inferior to the former, and has the superior characteristics of self-cleaning, environmental protection, energy saving, light weight and easy processing. Therefore, it is highly sought after by designers, engineers and owners. (1)Classification of nano-aluminum composite panels  Nano aluminum composite panels can be divided into nano fluorocarbon ACP panels and nano polyester ACP panels. The color of the nano fluorocarbon ACP is generally coated 3 times, and the color of the nano polyester acp panel is generally 2 coating. Because of the layer of nano-varnish on the surface of the board, the nano-aluminum-plastic board will also have a higher gloss than the average aluminum-plastic board.   The product is treated with fluorocarbon surface coating, which can withstand the test of harsh environment such as strong acid and alkali corrosion, acid rain scouring, severe cold and heat, and the color is lasting for a long time. Exquisite composite technology and strict raw material selection, resulting in product peel strength (≥9n/mm) and bending strength (≥110mpa) and other performance far exceeds national standards, light weight is only (5.4kg/m2), with excellent high load Resistance to twisting, bending and wind pressure. The product warranty is up to 15 years.