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Sparkle Aluminium Composite Cladding (ACP)

Sparkle Aluminum Composite Cladding is a ideal decoration material. There are many introductions and examples. You can get more information from this page.

The Sparkle Aluminum Composite Cladding is a kind of aluminum plastic plate. It gets its name because of its surface, which is as smooth as jewels. Pearl aluminum-plastic plate is a new type of decorative materials, has a series of excellent performance. It has been widely used in various fields, such as curtain wall, indoor and outdoor facade, billboard advertising board, furniture and boat industry, etc. The pearlescent aluminum plastic plate is the special color of the aluminum plastic plate with the pearl luster effect. With the development of the production process, the pearlescent series has many colors. Compared with conventional aluminum plastic sheet, pearlescent aluminum plastic plate has the advantages of conventional aluminum plastic plate, and its more glamorous appearance is more classy and noble. Thanks to the exterior features of the pearlescent aluminum plastic sheet, it is mainly used in the front door of large commercial center to improve the overall decoration effect and highlight its noble quality.