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Wooden aluminium Composite ACP

Wooden aluminum composite panel is one of the most popular acp panels in the world, which vividly imitates the wood texture, simple but nature. It is the perfect combination of wood natural beauty and excellent properties of aluminum wall cladding.

Due to the people’s concept of natural and environmental protection, what’s more, the excellent characteristics of wood acp panels attract lot’s of people’s eyes, wooden ACP is widely used, which we can draw a conclusion that there is a tendency to replace the wood panels gradually in  many aspects.   Wood finish ACP is more durable We can offer 5 years quality guarantee on PE Wood grain aluminum composite panel, 20 years quality guarantee for pvdf coating wood grain acp panels. We can guarantee that the aluminum composite panel will not fade during the warranty , even in harsh environments.    
The wood grain on acp panels that we can offered are: Veneer Texture Grey Tree Skin, Veneer Oak Oark Brown, Light Oak,  Limon Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Maple, Zebra wood, Teak, Oriental Cane or Harvest Trail Bamboo and so on. ·       

The reasons for we can offer you wooden finish acp panels quickly are: Compared with real wood panels, timber Series finishes on acp panls are created by applying a unique image transfer process over a color base coat, which can save plenty of time. In addition, ALSO Wooden texture aluminium plastic panels can provide more elegant look.   
*Exterior wall wooden ACP panels      
wood finishes on acp panels are created by applying a unique image transfer process over a color base coat,the result is that the texture is clear, vivid,without flaws.
 Interior wall wooden act panels